The War on the Home Front

A war is not just fought on the battlefield, as issues spill over onto the lives of civilians and among those fighting. This week, REACT to FILM focuses on two movies that handle war going on off the combat zone and into the tents of soldiers and homes of civilians. 

In the 2012 documentary One Day After Peace, Robi Damelin, the mother of a son murdered by a Palestinian sniper, attempts to use the model of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to help end the violence and hatred between Israel and Palestine.  One of her goals is to prevent others from needlessly losing their children to this kind of violence.

As reported in the Swiss publication The Electronic Intifada, a delegation of South African Christian leaders traveled to the West Bank and supported peaceful protests, such as boycotts, by the Palestinians.  These protests were similar to the ones that helped the South Africans end apartheid.

REACT to One Day After Peace:

PROMOTE peace between feuding nations through organizations such as Combatants for Peace who work to end the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine.

LEARN about global peace efforts through activist communities such as Vision of Humanity, that help promote peace worldwide and ending war.

CONTACT your U.S. Senator asking them to address war violence and how it affects civilians and their families.


The Invisible War is an Academy Award nominated documentary that focuses on sexual assault in the military and the lives of those affected. The film brought to light that for men their combat experience is the leading cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, while for women it is sexual assault.

In an article by The Guardian, it was revealed that victims of rape in the military not only suffer from the traumatic experience, but also have hurdles to overcome. The Department of Defense, the article pointed out, that fewer than 14% of survivors report an assault and that 25% of rapes are not reported because the person to report it to was the rapist (Source: Invisible War). The department estimates that in 2010 alone, over 19,000 sexual assaults occurred in the military.

REACT to The Invisible War:

DEMAND that Department of Defense to better equip our troops to fight military sexual assault by signing this petition to use The Invisible War as a training tool.

SUPPORT organizations such as the RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) by donating, or volunteering to help put a stop to sexual violence.

VOLUNTEER at one of the many U.S. Veteran Centers around the country and support our troops when they come home. Check out the U.S. Veteran Affairs website to find a center near you

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