Virunga Asks Us to REACT to Our Similarities Rather Than Our Differences

If you’ve had any access to media outlets in recent years, it would have been nearly impossible to ignore the environmental issues plaguing the United States. There’s a general awareness of the current threat to our planet, but other than the amount of money it takes to fill our gas tanks, the potential dangers tend to feel far removed from our own experience. Orlando von Einsedel’s Virunga acts as a frightfully clear window into the realities of our world, bridging the gap between an ambivalent audience and the war for the Congo. The film does a stellar job reminding viewers ... Read More

E-TEAM Exposes Real-Life Work of Human Rights Watch Workers

E-Team is a gripping film about the real-life work of Human Rights Watch workers. The film brings the work of these human rights activists out of newspaper columns and television interviews and onto the ground as these advocates risk their lives to verify human rights violations and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice. What makes this film especially compelling, is the effortless ability of the directors, Katy Chevigny and Ross Kauffman, to give a human face to the fight for human rights. The film puts audiences on the ground, and in the field with human rights workers and ... Read More

The Consequences of a Life Spent in Captivity Exposed by Blackfish

America’s love of entertainment has led us to controversial business practices in the name of profit, as shown in the documentary, Blackfish, which explores the life of Tillikum and considers the consequences of a life spent in captivity. To gain insight about the raw state of affairs, as touched upon in Part I of this series, let’s consider the family life of our mammalian cousin. Throughout our adolescent years we look to our parents for guidance and our minds are full of happy daydreams and constant learning. Being mammals, we possess a desire for nurture and require an extended childhood where our elders ... Read More
Kiska whale_wb-2638-2

To See the Whales – How Blackfish Changed My Perspective

Imagine a new couple, raising a child for the first time. The father gets relocated to Florida and they make the dramatic move from Utica, New York to Indian Harbor Beach. As any new, working couple may do under these circumstances, they took their first born to see the mechanical wonders of Florida. They purchased a season pass to Disney World and occasionally visited Universal Studios. However, as a bright, energetic toddler I wanted one thing when we were racing down the highways of Orlando… To see the whales. And how magnificent they were. As you drive through Orlando, Florida ... Read More





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