Gasland: Hydraulic Fracturing’s Impact on Earth

Gas companies are now offering to pay homeowners up to $100,000 to drill on their properties. This can be a pretty enticing offer and has caused many people in the United States to oblige. However, what if that meant your own tap water was murky and polluted? What if you or your family began experiencing unexplainable illnesses? How about your livestock and vegetation dying off due to pools of toxic waste – is this worth any amount of money? Gasland was released in 2010 and Gasland II in 2014. These films have made a large impact in just a short amount of time. They helped spark ... Read More

The Mask You Live In: How is Society Failing Boys?

A group of young boys sit around in a small circle and are instructed to write words on their sheet of paper. On the front, they are to write the traits they show others and how they want to be viewed. On the back, they are asked to write what they feel on the inside – what they don’t want the world to see. All of the boys held up their papers to reveal the words pain and anger. This heartbreaking scene appeared in the documentary The Mask You Live In. The moment the boys realized they weren’t alone and ... Read More

The End of The Line: Fish Will Be Extinct Due to Overfishing

Many people think of the ocean as a limitless resource for food, but scientists predict that by the year 2048 many species of fish will be extinct due to overfishing. We are heading in a dangerous direction if we continue fishing at the rate we are now. The End of the Line looks at this trend and the mass starvation that would result in a world without fish. Fisheries use gigantic nets the size of football fields to trawl the ocean floor which is making it impossible for many species to survive. Fish are even undergoing physiological changes and evolving ... Read More





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