The Education Debate of Charter Schools versus Public Schools

Parents want to provide their child with the best opportunity for a quality education; but what if the only option seems like a set up for failure? While children living in Harlem, New York City are guaranteed an education at their zoned school, local public schools are stigmatized by low success rates. On the other hand, public charter schools offer a viable education for children in the community, but admission is completely based upon luck. “The Lottery,” a documentary directed by Madeleine Sackler, follows four families contending for spots at Harlem Success Academy, one of New York City’s largest charter ... Read More

The War on Drugs: What are we fighting against? Drugs, or people of color in poverty?

The House I Live In tells the story of the War on Drugs, whose enemy has remained ambiguous throughout its decades of implementation. Has America been targeting drugs themselves or the drug users from disenfranchised communities that have been systematically torn apart as a result of this so-called “war?” The film attempts to answer this question by cataloguing the history of the War on Drugs in the United States and drawing attention to the racial biases that have sustained the persecution of people of color and fed into cycles of poverty and mass incarceration. The film incorporates multiple perspectives and ... Read More

Inocente: The Story of Being a Homeless Undocumented Immigrant

When walking through major cities such as NYC, many people unconsciously expose their attitudes toward the homeless. Most passers-by give homeless people frightened glances, shrug away nervously, divert eye contact, and determinedly ignore what they say. We resist admitting this truth, because acknowledging these behaviors draws attention to a major social issue which has gone by the wayside in the United States. Our country’s homeless population is skyrocketing, due to a lack of government-funded mental health care, and due to the income inequality to which undocumented immigrants are often victims (National Alliance to End Homelessness). Despite this, statistics show that ... Read More





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