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College students have organized REACT to FILM chapters at campuses across the country. Every month, these college leaders create a NATIONAL MOMENT on a critical social issue by screening the same social issue documentary simultaneously, generating buzz and harnessing power for collective impact. Each screening is followed by a Q&A with the film’s director or a panel discussion organized by the students. After the discussion, students are asked to get involved on their own campus through tangible action such as volunteering, signing a petition, mentoring or changing their lifestyle. This REACT to FILM College Action Network screens two documentary films/semester.

The REACT to FILM College Action Network launched in September 2011 at 12 colleges/universities with screenings of Hell and Back Again which went on to get nominated for the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary in the Spring of 2012. Since the launch, the college network has grown to over three dozen colleges/universities (see our current chapters on the map below), and has screened award-winning films such as Miss Representation, The Interrupters, The Invisible War, Inocente, and Searching for Sugar Man.


Please email the Director of Educational Programs Dahlia Graham to get in touch.




Here is list of our current internships






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